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Overview of mobile BaaS

The development of mobile apps today is practically inconceivable without associated server-side development work, and stable server operations are a definite requirement for success in the app business.

Dedicated network engineers are indispensable in readying steadfast server programs and stable server operations. In addition, the scale of required server capacity is particularly difficult to forecast prior to service launch. Superb ideas built out may lose the opportunity to acquire users, if inappropriate server capacity triggers an incident like a server failure immediately after release.

As it turns out, the server functions that many mobile apps require are quite common, such as user login, file upload, and data access management.
Mobile BaaS (backend as a service) provides these general-purpose server functions as Web APIs, so the application vendor can concentrate time, cost, and human resources on the development of inherent functions and improved UX of the mobile app.

mobile BaaS

For the Japan and Korea markets, Acrodea has initiated marketing of backend services for smartphone apps jointly with Backendless Corporation (U.S.). The Backendless mBaaS offers the following functionality.

  • User Services
    Settings are enabled for user entity structure, such as toggling between valid or invalid for user registration, locking for failed login attempts, and sessions.
  • Data Services
    Proprietary relational data can be handled on user-defined data tables. Execution is enabled for data registration, updating, deleting, and search queries. The data can be created dynamically or defined by the intuitive online UI.
  • File Services
    Access is provided to the storage system for app users to upload files and to share them with other users.
  • Pub/Sub Messaging
    Real-time messaging supports the implementation of chat features, for example.
  • Push Notifications
    Push notifications are supported according to native functionality onboard mobile terminals with iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.
  • Streaming of Video & Voice
    Live video delivery, streaming, and recording are supported.
  • Diverse Platform Support
    A selection of SDKs are provided to support iOS, Android, and HTML + JavaScript, as well as Windows Phone and Adobe Air.
  • New functionality is incorporated regularly according to user feedback.
    For the latest details on the Backendless mBaaS, please visit the following sites: (English)