IR Infomation

Message from CEO
To Our Shareholders and Investors:

In June 2016, Next Security, engaged in corporate security-related business operations, and Emicia, engaged in B-to-C business operations for nutritional supplements and aesthetic salon services, joined the corporate group as consolidated subsidiaries. With the added breadth of business operations, the corporate group looks to grow as a whole with the additional security-related business and service developments for cross-border e-commerce and logistics for inbound business.

In order to steadily grow revenues with assurance, measures will be instituted for our existing business operations constituting content services led by game titles, along with smartphone solutions. The intercom IoT system, marked as one of our mid- and long-term growth businesses, has received favorable appraisals from various corners. We are proceeding with service and market development together with partners, and intend to grow this into a useful service for society.

Our video-delivery (VOD) related business launched in the prior year enables Hollywood movie distribution and video compression. Preparations continue for actual adoption, and we look forward to tangible results.

Overall, our efforts will focus on carefully nurturing these businesses, so they will bear fruit over time.

As we continue to take on the challenge of bringing the best ideas to reality, the entire staff is committed to delivery of service platforms that can provide an enriched lifestyle to users. We ask you, our shareholders and stakeholders, for your continued support and understanding.

Junya Tsutsumi
Representative Director and President
Acrodea, Inc.
December 2016